Multiple Cashflow Calculator for the Palm

Multiple Cashflow Calculator for the Palm

This is a freeware cash flow calculator program I wrote for the Palm. It's similar in function to my web-based cash flow calculator.

It will compute the present value of one or more cash flow series. Each series is defined using an amount per period, discount and growth rates, starting period, periods between cash flows, and two probability terms. It will also compute the value of one of these parameters given the present value. Additionally, it can deal with cash flow series that extend out to infinite time.

MCC is pretty different conceptually from other cash flow calculators, but it's also quite powerful. It does have some limitations, however. It deals with discount and growth rates in terms of the period, which is a little awkward when dealing with monthly cash flows. I have a web-based converter for converting interest rates from one time period to another. It has the formulas as well as some examples and a small calculator.

It requires the PocketC runtime library, and it was written using PocketC. It runs a little slowly because of this, but it's quite usable.

Download version 1.1

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